Tuesday, July 29, 2008

my favorite diapers

We will start with Lil S
well it sort of a toss up.
For daytime
I <3 (that's a heart) Green acres desgins (GADS) pocket diapers

The colors of these diapers are bright funky and fun!
For Nighttime I <3 ( there is that heart again )
I'm a big fan of Dream eze AIO ( all in one )

I currently only have the brown color.
Sorry my boy will NOT wear purple and the robin's egg is super hard to snag
Rest assure these are not the only brand of diapers I have for lil S
I absolutely love trying different kinds of brands, styles and types.
I'm dabbling into trying prefold diapers ( you know the kind our moms used! )
I'm slowly warming up. Since there this great thing called a Snappi

Now if I can get the folding down I'd bet set
Oh how times have changed!
Princess wears a ton of different brands of diapers. Mostly all in ones with a few pockets.
I do also love GADs on her.
Just because they are cute!
Thanks for reading

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